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Its been awhile since I’ve posted, but I was inspired during this season of photo shoots! I’m working on a new project focusing on KIDS!! I’m hoping to combine my therapy work with kids and my photography to raise funds for a special program (TBD) Stay tuned for more information…but in the meantime …enjoy these soulful eyes, chin dimples and freckles!!! _DSC0014 (2)b-testAlisha68Brahy1649Alisha173Murphy1624Murphy1639Murphy1640

Some recent photo sessions include…Isabella Rose due in early April, Five year old twins and Charlise, a friend of my daughters and one of the cutest three year olds EVER! isabellarose08bisabellarose10bisabellarose27bisabellarose40btwins42blogtwins195btwins224btwins273btwins402bcharlise05bcharlise07bcharlise17bcharlise22bcharlise32bcharlise41bcharlise77bone of the cutest little three year olds ever!


Love this family..and they are keeping me in business!!! Baby #4 on the way….here’s a sneak peak!murphyblog1murphyblog2murphyblog3murphyblog4murphyblog6murphyblog7murphyblog8blog4

I always have a great time shooting this event…someday I want to be a guest at this party!! />PTN232-ePTN240-ePTN286-ePTN289-e

Here’s to a Happy Life Ian, Andrea and Scarlet!Blog1blog2blog3blog4blog5blog6blog7blog8blog9blog11blog10

I love doing infant shoots…its a very special time for the new parents!! I especially love doing infant shoots when we throw a furry friend into the mix!!! It’ll be fun to see Baby Keira and Lily’s relationship develop!keira51bkeira56bkeira65bkeira03-blog

I love doing these infant shoots!! Best to photograph the little ones within the first 2 weeks of their little lives so we can get them real sleepy!! Love some of these with big Sis who just couldn’t wait to get her hands on her new little brother!! C
babyeBLOGbabyeblog1babyeblog2babyeblog3babyeblog4babyeblog5ongratulations parents! Even those, I’m posting these incredibly late!!!