month: July 2011

As I’m on maternity leave..this is my favorite subject!! I’m excited to photograph a little 3 month old tomorrow…so I’m still staying busy…those photos to come! cielo12dayblog

8 day old Cielo Lucia and her first photoshoot by her mama! Cielo1bwblogCielo3bwblogCielo4bwblogCielo5bwbloggarridoburrito2blog

Well…she arrived….4:46pm on the Fourth of July….Her name is Cielo Lucia and we couldn’t be happier to have her join our family….Here are a few images of Cielo, her PapiCielo1blogCieloandPapiblogCielocryblogCielofeetblogDiegohospital2blog…and her big brother Diego who was a little more interested in big rocket ship he got out of the deal!