month: April 2010

Had fun with this family….Tyler was very easy to work with….fun to just watch him enjoy his parents!


This past weekend I photographed the opening for photographer Robert Zuckerman in downtown Los Angeles…

Zuckerman is a photographer primarily working in the motion picture industry, his images have become the advertising and publicity campaigns for such films as “The Crow,” “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” “Any Given Sunday,” “Training Day,” “Terminator 3,” “Bad Boys 2”,and many more.
“His book Kindsight (Kindsight Press, LLC) is a collection of photographs and accompanying texts by Zuckerman illuminating the richness of everyday life encounters and experiences. From taxi and bus drivers to waitresses to plumbers to kids at a playground, even to cats, Kindsight shows the extraordinary within the ordinary. ” (taken from his website)
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Here are a few of my favorites from Lana and Jeff’s wedding….(7 years in the making–CONGRATULATIONS!!)….I had no voice at the wedding….(had a bowl of chicken soup on the way….but had a nice bridesmaid who “yelled” for me!) Also a spontaneous ride to the church with Lana in my car…I wasn’t prepared to transport the bride….she was very cool about my messy car! We double chk’d to make sure she didn’t have any cheerios stuck in her vail! It was actually great because we got to talk all the way to the church….my favorite part of being a photographer is being behind the scenes!!! Once again…. a few of my favorites….if you are checking from your honeymoon guys…….hope you like them! You looked great!



Here’s a fun family of 6! Just a few of my favorites….Tina-blog1tinablog2

And a less than two week old……Hagen…

And last but not least….two of my favorite subjects….Mia and her brother Finn!

Here’s a cute little (almost 2 year old) named Aiden! I was able to photograph him after connecting with a high school classmate on facebook! So cool to meet him… he was full of energy!


And here’s little Lucie .. who was less than 2 weeks old during our shoot….. Congrats to the parents…she is beautiful!
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