month: January 2010

I love this project that I’ve been working on over the past year…. I love photographing “first time events” in people’s lives…. We all have momentous events in our lives and although they are not all the same.. crossing these milestones can connect us as humans in their similarities. I would love people to tell me of any “firsts” that are coming up in their lives…. (I still need a “first” birthday party if you can believe it)… first recital, first lost tooth, etc. And this doesn’t only pertain to children… Do you know of a relative having a “first-time ” experience? Maybe learning a new skill, instrument or even a first date? Please let me know.. I’d LOVE to be there to document it! Please see the rest of the project at “http://www.suzannemapesphotography.com”> under galleries “projects” First night